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17th September 2020 – Rock Wool Manufacturing Equipment Auction

Headquartered in Los Angeles, family-operated auctioneer Tauber-Arons has over 100 years of experience in the sale of industrial assets. The firm provides live and online auctioneering services for companies across a range of industries, worldwide. Tauber-Arons conducts around 50 auctions and 300 appraisals each year, supported by customised marketingTauber-Arons is selling a huge offering of aerospace rock wool manufacturing equipment formerly of Glass Inc. International.

Glass Inc. International specialises in research and development of glass manufacturing technology, providing machinery and engineering services to the glass industry.The company holds more than 72 domestic and international patents. Their innovations in glass plant designs have been licensed for use across the world.

The timed online auction, which includes a rock wool crusher system, silos, blowing wool lines, bagger system and much more, will take place on the 17th of September. The assets are located in Casa Grande, Arizona and can be viewed on the 15th and 16th of September and on the morning of the sale. Equipment featured in the auction includes:

Rock wool crusher system featuring belt feed conveyors, granulators, cone crusher, blower, hopper, feeder and dust collector.Manual feed line featuring brick lined melter, feeding channel, forming plenum, feeder conveyor, curing oven, recirculating fans, suction conveyor, guillotine shear, roll up machine and rotary fiberizers. Steel silo system. Gas fired 2000 degree incinerator melters. Blowing wool line featuring custom rotary fiberizers, forming plenum, small granulator and blower. Indiana Industries two chamber baggers. Wheelabrator-Frye shaker type bad house dust collector. Allen Bradley and Siemens Allis switchgears. 5 Ducon silo scrubber system. Forklifts, rolling stock, air compressors and more.

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