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Sale of Solar Technology and Small Scale Production Equipment

Maynards, worldwide experts in asset appraisal, liquidation and auction, will sell solar wafer research and development tools and small scale production equipment formerly of SolarWorld. The sale of the assets which are located in Arnstadt, Germany, will take place in conjunction with Liquidity Services.

German company SolarWorld manufacture photovoltaic products. The sale comes about following the dissolution of their Arnstadt facility. The company ceased manufacture at the site after beginning insolvency proceedings in June 2018. The auction will take place on the 15th of October. Key assets for sale include:

Development Tools including: PECVD coating sytem – ROTH&RAU WHP MAiA XS, new 2013 Sputter System – OERLIKON Solaris 6, new 2011; Diffusion Furnace – INOTHERM LDS – 200, new 2008; Triple Target Sputter Coater – QUORUM Q300T, new 2012; Silicon Block Grinding Machine – ABWOOD TS5, new 2012. Wafer Production Equipment / Wet Benches including: Digestorium – KÖTTERMANN 2-454-GAND, new 2011; AG-PVC Inkjet Printer / Plating System – SCHMID 59, new 2009. Inspection and Test Equipment including: Cryogenic Ftir Silicon Analyzer – BRUKER CryoSAS; Solar Simulation System – NEONSEE BIV-HCSS-21, new 201; CMM System – CARL ZEISS Accura II Aktiv, new 2010; and Water Treatment Equipment.

Assets may be viewed by appointment only on the 1st and 10th of October.

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