Harry Davis & Company is auctioning Plastic Process Equipment including two Krones high-speed blow molding and bottling lines previously used by carbonated soft drinks manufacturer Pepsi. The online auction will take place between the 13th and 15th of November.

Line 1, for 2-liter and 710mL bottles operated at 35,000 BPH includes: Krones Contiform S20 K787-011 blow molder, Krones VO-Pet 5.040-126-126 K132-651 filler, Zalkin T18/720 6226 capper, VBS StatiFlex 25172 nitro-doser, Sidel cap delivery/Aidlin cap feeder P22227, Krones KG-4274 SK-650 M6500290101 mix processor, Mucki 42-46 59387 preform hopper, M.Tanner preform bulk unload,  M.Tanner preform elevator/feed system, Krones Contiroll HS K810769 labeler.

Line 2, for 500mL, 20oz, 24oz, 1-liter bottled operated at 45,000 BPH features: Mucki 24-1-7585-01 7585 preform hopper, M.Tanner preform bulk unload, M.Tanner preform elevator/feed system, Krones Contiform S30M K434-001 blow molder, Krones 540-026 K-540026-001 mix processor,  Krones VO-PET 3.600-120-94 K129-859 filler, Zalkin T24/720 6248 capper, Nitro-Doser VBS Cryotech bottle line 2 cap delivery sidel/Aidlin cap feeder.

The assets are located in Montreal, Quebec.

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