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EquipNet is a US company specialised in asset management solutions for pharmaceutical, biotech, chemical and packaged goods. The company provides a comprehensive range of services with the aim of revolutionising the way companies manage their assets, possessing large databases of sales and auction results to aid them in their task.

Headquartered in the Netherlands, Industrial Auctions operates globally and provides online auctioneering particularly within working within the food and beverage industry. Their aim is to establish a long-term relationship with buyers and to support their core values of transparency, friendliness and burden relief.

With a specialised pharmaceutical auctions, management of complete site closures, sales of new and unused equipment and a comprehensive direct private treaty sale programme, BPA is at the forefront of the UK’s pharmaceutical remarketing industry.

Pittsburgh based Harry Davis & Company was established in 1955. The firm provides auction, appraisal, consulting and turnkey complete facility sales services to clients across the world. They specialise in the food and beverage industries and work with businesses of all sizes.

Auction and real estate investment experts Rabin have over 60 years of experience in the field, focusing particularly on the purchase of complete manufacturing facilities. The family-held firm has grown to be an industry leader with a global presence, selling assets across a broad range of industry sectors.

Located in Dusseldorf, Germany, Surplex markets used metalworking and woodworking machinery on an international scale. Their specialised experience makes them equally suited for handling both high-tech new equipment and old or specialised gear. They also have a reputation for achieving good results in a short turnaround.BPA


1st Machinery Auctions

Formed from two of the largest players in the UK used industrial equipment sector, 1st Machinery Auctions Ltd now boasts annual sales of almost £10 million and a number of different online auction formats. They primarily work within the UK, but have an increasing international presence that they use to help their clients to better deploy their capital. 

American Auctioneers Group

The American Auctioneers Group represent a comparatively small, but successful and rapidly growing auctioneer company, with an impressive list of primarily USA-based clients. They emphasise the strength and experience of their staff in working closely with clients to provide auctions, liquidations and appraisals.

Alex Lyon & Son

Having begun life as a livestock auctioneering company based in New York, Alex Lyon & Son Sales Managers & Auctioneers, Inc. has since diversified and expanded, conducting used equipment auctions across North America which regularly attract international interest. It remains a family-owned and family-run company.

Apex Auctions

With a strong network of global dealers and bidders, Apex Auctions is a British firm specialising in helping companies buy and sell used industrial machinery. They work mainly with large companies, and focus on maintaining a balance between high returns and quality service to both clients and their buyers.

Assets Sales Inc.

Asset Sales, Inc. is a North American company with a large, experienced team and an impressive laundry list of past auctions. Their wide range of services include auctions, outright purchase, appraisals, product line sales and real estate sales.


Based in Belgium “at the heart of Europe”, Auctelia offers its sellers the opportunity to sell their surplus in more than 30 different countries. They provide a professional sales platform, geared towards secure transactions and easy communication between buyer and seller.

Bar None Auction

Founded in 1993, Bar None Auction operates mainly in the western United States, with permanent auction houses in Sacramento, Riverside and Portland. Their focus is on auctioning heavy equipment, commercial trucks and industrial support items.


BIDITUP Auctions Worldwide is a substantial global auctioneer, operating in a comprehensive range of markets and industries, from aerospace to printing & publishing to telecommunications. They offer on-site, online and webcast auctions.


Blackmon Auctions prides itself on having become a household name throughout the North American farming belt, and emphasise the company’s commitment to honesty and integrity. Operating in over 24 states, their speciality is the One Owner, On-Site auctions.

BPI Auctions

Based in Yorkshire, this British online asset disposal company hosts over 400 auctions a year, featuring all kinds of used industrial equipment, stocks and assets. They offer a wide range of supplementary services, including storage, transport and quick response solutions.

The Branford Group

The Branford Group is a global industrial business group with two main branches – Branford Auctions and Branford Valuations, both being highly respected. The former focuses on online and on-location auctions in a range of industries, while the latter provides professional on-site evaluations of machinery and equipment.

BTM Industrial

BTM Industrial specialises in used manufacturing equipment, and provides liquidation services, auctions or outright purchase of assets. They possess notable experience in the moving and rigging of large industrial plant, and the transportation equipment to back it up.

Century Services

Established in 1983, Century Services Corp. provides a variety of specialised financial services to North American companies. These include asset appraisals and asset-to-cash recovery strategies. As well as auctions, they place an emphasis on short-term asset-based lending and rapid turnarounds.


Cheffins began as a livestock auctioneer in Cambridge, England, and retains a specialism within the field of agriculture, but has since become equally known as an auctioneer of machinery and plant across Europe. They have also diversified into vintage equipment, fine art, property, antiques and interiors.

Cincinnati Industrial Auctioneers

Cincinnati Industrial Auctioneers is a family-run company with a strong national reputation. They conduct comparatively few auctions but for a diverse range of customers, from small businesses to government agencies to Fortune 500 companies.

Corporate Assets Inc.

Corporate Assets Inc. was founded in Canada and has since expanded into the United States, serving as an international auction, appraisal and asset management company, developing close ties with the financial and legal sectors in both countries. As a result, they have a particularly strong credibility when it comes to market valuations.

Cottrill & Co.

Specialising online auctions for manufacturing assets, Cottrill & Co. is an international company catering to a comprehensive range of asset sales, from individual items to complete facilities. They operate in five major European languages, serving clients worldwide from their headquarters in Birmingham, England.

Euro Auctions

Headquartered in Dromore, Northern Ireland, industrial auctioneering and heavy machine sales specialist Euro Auctions held their first one day auction in 1998. Since then, Euro Auctions has grown to hold around 60 auctions every year from their network of permanent auction sites located in the United Kingdom, Germany, Spain, the UAE, Australia and the United States.

Federal Equipment Company

Based in Cleveland, Ohio, Federal Equipment Company specialises in industrial equipment auction, liquidation and investment recovery programs. The firm buys and sells equipment used across a wide range of sectors – including equipment used in the chemical, pharmaceutical, packaging, food, rubber and plastics industries – and stocks equipment across 275 distinct categories.

Gordon Brothers

Founded in 1903, Gordon Brothers is a veteran international company founded in the United States, with substantial presence in Europe as well as offices in Tokyo and São Paulo. They offer asset-related services in four main areas: valuations, dispositions, operations and investments, with a strong background in auctions.

Hansen & Young

Hansen & Young Inc. is a professional auction company conducting online and live auctions throughout the United States, to a worldwide audience of buyers. They have a highly experienced auctioneering and appraisals staff, including award-winning bid callers and a trained auction support team.

Heritage Global Partners

Heritage Global Partners Inc. is a North American auction and asset advisory company. They offer a tailored, individual service despite their size and global nature, built upon the experience of their founding partners who have together conducted over 4000 auctions across 30 different countries.

Hilco Industrial

A part of Hilco Global, a North American financial services company, Hilco Industrial specialises in helping companies auction underperforming assets. In 2014, it made the national headlines for helping the City of Detroit dispose of its assets following the city’s bankruptcy. The company also distributes a proportion of its auction proceeds to various charities via its philanthropic platform Hilco Helps.

Hoff Online Auctions

Hoff Online Auctions focuses exclusively on industrial and commercial machinery, allowing them to make the most of their experience in used machinery appraisal and sales. They offer three distinct forms of online auction: commission, split and guaranteed sale, and pride themselves on achieving as close to the true market value as possible with each lot.

Hunyady Auction Company

The Hunyady Auction Company emphasises expertise and integrity as the cornerstone of its service, which covers a wide variety of used construction and manufacturing equipment. They keep an in-house, updated list of 50,000 equipment buyers, supplemented by a range of advertising, appraisal, equipment refurbishment and transportation services.


Established in 1777, this English auctioneer company has a long and comprehensive history, with auctioneers specialising in everything from manufacturing to livestock. They hold both weekly and month auctions in their home county of Exeter, and offer convenience, choice and a good value price to buyer and sellers alike.


Hyperams works with both distressed and healthy companies, and offers a full auction, appraisal and liquidation service to customers throughout the United States and Canada. Founded in 2010, they are a comparative new company, but have already fostered a strong reputation with customers.

Infinity Asset Solutions

With over 85 Years of Industry experience, Infinity is considered to be the experts at turning Equipment, Real Estate & Inventory into value for its clients and customers and provide comprehensive asset valuation services for collateral-based lending, asset disposition and acquisitions. Their team works with individuals and companies offering industrial auctions and commercial auctions to help the client with their business liquidation as effectively and efficiently as possible.


Intergavel Auction Organiser Ltd. is the Hungarian partner of Germany company Auctionhaus Dechow and Austrian Karner Dechow, jointly providing appraisal and auctioneering services across Europe. Founded in 2005, they have rapidly adapted to online auctioneering and boast low-risk services based purely on commissions.

Jeff Martin

In their own words ‘We are in the customer service business, we just happen to do auctions.’ Jeff Martins Auctioneers Inc. places a high value on customer relationships and has a strong history working with large industrial companies in the Southern and Central USA.

JJ Kane

Serving the utility, construction, government, forestry, transportation and general fleet industries, J.J. Kane Auctioneers provide a range of options to buyers and sellers. They operate across the US, with a specialisation in fleet industrial auctions.

Karner & Dechow Auktionen

Karner & Dechow is an Austrian public online auction house, acting as an intermediary between buyers and sellers. They have worked with companies, banks, insolvency administrators and private individuals.

Lambeth Smith Hampton

London based Lambert Smith Hampton is a market leader in asset management, working with clients across 40 industry sectors. The firm specialises in asset disposal, valuations, asset-based lending, closure programmes, business sales and corporate recovery, optimising value of plant and machinery.


Maynards Industries is the largest automotive and forestry equipment liquidator in the world, having exclusive contracts with General Motors (North America & Europe) and Chrysler. The company also operates in the metalworking, woodworking and other industries, as well as providing liquidation and asset valuation appraisal services.


Created in 1984 as Miedema Auctioneering Inc. by the Miedema family, Miedema Auctioneering & Appraisals conducts auctions including construction, agricultural and manufacturing equipment. Since expanding their operations in 2000, they organise both on-site and online auctions via their website.

Myron Bowling

One of the largest auctioneer companies in North America, also operating12 in Canada and Mexico, Myron Bowling is a founding member and former director of the Industrial Auctioneers Association. The company has substantial experience, and the know-how to deal with a wide variety of specialised industries.

New England

New England Industrial & Commercial brands itself as an asset disposal specialist, ranging from single items to their liquidation of entire industrial plants. Their sizeable 2000 square mile storage facility enables them to easily store assets and conduct on-site auctions.

New Mill Capital

New Mill Capital is an auctioneer firm with six locations across the United States, run by an experience four-man team each specialising in a different area of industry. Their core business is the converting of underutilised assets into value, benefiting both buyers and sellers.

Peaker Pattinson

Peaker Pattinson is a well-established English firm that has conducted some of the largest factory clear-outs in Europe. They boast a finely tuned database of thousands of buyers, enabling them to enable the disposition of assets ranging from aerospace and electronics to printing presses.

PMI Auction

PMI (Plant and Machinery Incorporated) offers a detailed walkthrough of their auction process, from taking inventory and asset preparation to advertisement, sale and asset removal. Conducting large auctions across the country, PMI has an impressive roster of satisfied customers.

PPL Auction

PPL Group is a private equity firm specialising in the liquidation of industrial plants, based primarily in North America. Although they are comparatively small, they are rapidly expanding and now serve a wide variety of industries including metal working, plastics, rubber, wood working, chemical, food, printing, transportation and aviation.

Prestige Equipment

A fresh new online auctioneer founded in 2015, in Saskatchewan, Canada. Prestige Auctions conducts monthly auctions for industrial equipment, personal valuables, farming equipment and business liquidation. They emphasise making a positive impression on both buyer and seller.

Purple Wave

Purple Wave is the largest no-reserve internet auction firm in the United States, and specialises in liquidating vehicles and equipment through this simple and straightforward means. Convenience and efficiency are the hallmarks of their service, which is especially well tailored towards the agricultural and construction industries.

Liquidity Services

Liquidity Services, Inc. is a Washington-based company incorporated in 1999, with just under 1000 employees. They provide a network of automated online marketplaces, along with a variety of valuation, goods tracking and asset management services, geared towards helping their customers take advantage of their surplus.

M Davis Group

M Davis boils down its business practices to a single word: agile. Emphasising adaptability in a changing industry and the fresh ideas of a new generation of auctioneers, they offer a large number of services including appraisals, auctions and liquidations, operations management and real estate auctions.

Perfection Industrial Sales

Industrial asset management and industrial equipment sales expert Perfection Industrial Sales has over 60 years of experience buying and selling industrial machinery. The firm serves businesses of all sizes across a broad range of industry sectors. In addition to online and live equipment auctions, Perfection Industrial Sales offers appraisal services, plant liquidations and turnkey opportunities.

Ritchie Bros.

Founded in Vancouver in 1955, Ritchie Bros. is the world’s largest industrial auctioneer and is currently approaching its 65th anniversary. The company sells a wide variety of used and unused assets through unreserved public auctions worldwide, with over 1400 employees and auction sites in Europe, North America, Australia, Asia and the Middle East.

RJM Auctioneers

RJM Auctioneers offers a comprehensive sales programme from appraisals to marketing, both online and at their impressive 35,000 square foot showroom in Michigan. They cover a wide range of assets and industries, with no particular specialism.

Rosen Systems

Rosen Systems was founded in 1917 by the Rosen Brothers in the Midwest United States and quickly became a reputable local name. The company has since become nationally and internationally known, and divides its efforts between making a smooth high-value sale, and ensuring the preparations behind it are as smooth and painless as possible.

Sanderson Weatherall

Primarily a chartered surveyors firm, Sanderson Weatherall provide property valuation, industrial equipment auctions, asset advice and corporate recovery services throughout the UK. The company has an impressive record of business partnerships, ethical hiring practices and corporate social responsibility.

Schneider Industries

Schneider provide their own digital auction platform, facilitated by a helpful and comprehensive website, with full customer support. The company itself is headquartered in Kentucky, and conducts a small but regular schedule of auctions.

SIA Group

Starting life as Southern Independent Auctions before rebranding in 2011, SIA Group conducts auctions on a regular monthly basis featuring a broad spectrum of merchandise, preferring on-site auctions. They specialise in the disposal of excess stock.

Sigma Auction

Based in Evansville, USA, SIGMA Auction has 18 years of experience in sales and auctions with extensive knowledge of the resale value of used industrial equipment. SIGMA Auction has developed a system that will assess your surplus equipment and helps you turn your assets into immediate liquidity. Through valuations, live and online auctions, they offer a no-stress solution.

Surplus Solutions

Surplus Solutions is committed to providing the highest quality used equipment, outstanding service and industry expertise to meet the needs of the pharmaceutical, nutraceutical, and biotech industries. By focusing on these specific industries they have built close relationships with many of the top companies in the industry and have established an extensive network of direct sales contacts. Headquartered in Woonsocket, RI the company is located in close proximity to many major facilities in the industry.

Silicon Valley Disposition

As the name might imply and befitting their location, Silicon Valley Disposition (SVD) focuses on the monitisation of high-tech assets, and has a powerful array of software at their disposal. They provide efficient sales and a strong marketing service, and have carved themselves a solid niche in the global market.

Sweeney Kincaid

Glaswegian firm Sweeny Kincaid takes a focused, individualised approach to each sale, ensuring a high standard of well-tailored auction process with strong attention-to-detail. They also have a quick and convenient online platform, with considerable oversight from the company itself.


Tallon offers consultancy and advice in the field of plant and equipment valuation, operating from their locations in Manchester and Dublin. They provide private treaty and public online auction services, and provide a unique online valuation system.

Tauber Arons Inc.

Established in Chicago before moving to Los Angeles, Tauber-Arons draws upon four generations of experience to serve their customers. They bill themselves as a boutique firm, committed to working closely with clients in the metalworking, food processing and plastics industries in particular.

Taylor & Martin Inc.

At the forefront of the American transport industry, Taylor & Martin bills honesty and professionalism as their primary selling points. Specialising in both the sale and transport of vehicles, they are a member of 32 trucking associations throughout the United States.

Tiger Assets Group

Tiger is a large asset management firm operating throughout the United States and Australia, facilitating the sales of over $1 billion in assets annually by maximising the value of underperforming or surplus industrial assets. They also support a number of charitable organisations, including Feed America, National Jewish Health and the American Red Cross.

Troostwijk Auctions

Founded in the Netherlands in 1930, Troostwijk has since become the largest online industrial equipment auctioneer in Europe. They boast their own unique ‘internal redeployment’ asset management programme, alongside with extensive marketing and a long-established reputation to help surplus assets fetch a higher price.


Winternitz Industrial Auctioneers and Appraisers goes all the way back to 1894, and as a result has the experience to offer a comprehensive and flexible sales programme to almost any potential client. Their on-site auctions are located in Illinois, USA.