Butchery Equipment

Industrial Auctions is to sell Butchery Equipment for the food industry due to remaining stocks in the warehouse of Fischer in Hassfurt (DE). The auction will take place on the 2nd of July and will feature cutters, portioning machines, vacuum fillers, ovens, metal detectors, cooling & freezing equipment and more.

Key assets include: GEA vacuum bowl cutter with lifter and rejector, K+G Wetter vacuum bowl cutter with lifter for 200 liter meat bins and rejector, Laska double shaft ribbon mixer with lifter for 200 litre meat bins, Seydelmann bowl cutter with lifter for 200 litre meat bins and rejector, Baader soft separator with lifter for 200 litre meat bins, G. Mondini S.p.a. traysealer, Pulsotronic metal detector with rejector, Marel Townsend Further Processing B.V. portioning machine, Handtmann vacuum filling machine with lifter for 200 litre meat bins, Handtmann linking and hanging line, Handtmann mobile linking machine, Handtmann collating system for sausages, Treif dicer and more. 

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