Industrial Auctions are to hold an online auction of pig slaughtering equipment, food processing equipment and butchery equipment inventory due to company closure of Danish Crown in Sæby (DK). The auction will take place on February 27th​. Danish Crown is a globally-focused Danish food enterprise specializing in butchery operations, processing, and the sale of predominantly pork and beef products. With an extensive network of subsidiaries, the company boasts a significant presence in the food industry, offering a diverse range of food products to consumers worldwide.

Key assets in the auction include: CFS Germany GmbH thermoformer, Alfa-Laval centrifuge separator, Butina Aps backloader for CO2 gas stunning, SFK dehairing machine, S/s scalding tunnel with tube rail, Haarslev rendering silo with outfeed screw, SFK Systems A/S frame used as for leg-cutter-installation, Labelling machine with transport belt, Sabroe piston compressor, Altas Danmark steel ammonia vessel, Güntner AG & Co. KG evaporator, Transport system, Carnitech processing line and much more. 

Industrial Auctions is a company that focuses on providing online auction services specifically tailored for the food and beverage industries. To ensure that these auctions are easily accessible throughout Europe, the company organizes multiple on-location auctions annually, operating from their headquarters in Eindhoven, the Netherlands. Their specialization encompasses the sale of machinery, as well as complete organizations and production lines.

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