In an online auction closing on the 8th of February, Industrial Auctions is to sell food processing equipment, machinery and inventory due to discontinuation of business activities P.E.H. Möller und Sohn in Henstedt-Ulzburg (DE). Equipment including vacuum fillers, forming machines, smoking and cooking chambers, labelling equipment, cooling and freezing compressors and more from manufacturers including: Kerres, Fessmann, Handtmann, Multivac, Treif and more. ​

Key assets in the auction include: Kerres smoking chamber for 1 trolley with smoke generator for wood chips, Kilia bowl cutter, Handtmann vacuum filling machine, Fessmann smoking chamber for 1 trolley with smoke generator for wood chips, Multivac mobile double chamber vacuum machine, Dixie-Union Verpackungen GmbH thermoformer, Multivac double vacuum machine, Jeros mobile crate washer, Deighton Manufacturing UK Ltd hamburger forming machine, Treif dicer and more. 

Industrial Auctions is a company that focuses on providing online auction services specifically tailored for the food and beverage industries. To ensure that these auctions are easily accessible throughout Europe, the company organizes multiple on-location auctions annually, operating from their headquarters in Eindhoven, the Netherlands. Their specialization encompasses the sale of machinery, as well as complete organizations and production lines.

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