In an online auction closing on the 4th of march, Industrial Auctions is to sell a range of food processing equipment due to the closing of the production location of OneDayMore in Poznan (PL). The auction will include a range of machinery including vacuum fillers, cooking trolleys, multihead weighers and packaging machines from manufacturers including Vemag, Ulma, Loma and Nomatech.

Key assets in the auction include: N&N Nadratowski cooled vacuum paddle mixer on weighing cells, Vemag vacuum filling machine with lifter for 200 liter meat bins, Vemag mobile vacuum filling machine, Vemag mobile meat ball forming machine, Vemag mobile forming machine for hamburgers, Ulma traysealer, Loma X-Ray scanner, AGJ transport belt, Nomatech 20-heads multihead weigher, ZFM cooking chamber for 5 trolleys, Minebea Intec metal detector with rejector and much more. 

Industrial Auctions is a company that specializes in offering online auction services tailored to meet the unique needs of the food and beverage industries. To make these auctions easily accessible across Europe, the company arranges numerous on-location auctions each year from their headquarters in Eindhoven, the Netherlands. Their expertise lies in the sale of machinery, complete organizations, and production lines.​

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