In a online auction closing on the 9th of April, Industrial Auctions is to sell food processing equipment due to closing of the production location of Malton Foods Limited in Malton (UK). The auction will include filling machines, presses and pumps, forming machines, autoclaves, vertical packaging machines, metal detectors, checkweighers and more.

Key assets in the auction include: Cooking and mixing installation consisting of: Carso lifter for meat bins, Limitech s/s cooking and mixing tank, S/S working platform, Switch cabinet, Various valves and pumps. Masterfill filling machine, Ets. André Zalkin cap closing machine, AlphaChase transport belt systems consisting of 4 curve conveyors, Foodmek Ltd pasteurizing tunnel, Accaply labelling machine, Loma Systems x-ray scanner, Cermex case packing machine, Barriquand / Steriflow autoclave for 4 baskets, Barriquand / Steriflow rotating autoclave for 4 baskets, Stork mobile forming machine, GEA mobile forming machine and much more.

Industrial Auctions is a company that specializes in offering online auction services tailored to meet the unique needs of the food and beverage industries. To make these auctions easily accessible across Europe, the company arranges numerous on-location auctions each year from their headquarters in Eindhoven, the Netherlands. Their expertise lies in the sale of machinery, complete organizations, and production lines.​

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