In an online auction closing on May 2nd, Industrial Auctions is to sell food processing equipment and CO₂ cooling installation on behalf of Van Bogaert in Temse (BE). Van Bogaert Bvba, established in 1974 by Frans Van Bogaert in Antwerp, initially operated as a pork processing company, the company is now part of the Belgian Pork Group​ and specialise in deboned hams tailored to customer needs. ​

Key assets in the auction include: ​Inject Star vacuum tumbler, K+G Wetter grinder, enkelman vacuum machine, Bizerba metal detector with check weigher and rejecter, Safeline mobile metal detector, Van Oirschot mobile lifter, Zentjes Food B.V. mobile schnitzel press, Kolbe mobile mixer-grinder, Steen mobile skinning machine, All evaporators and cooling in the factory, consisting of: 14 evaporators and 3 SCM cooling units and much more. 

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