In an auction closing on May 15th, Maynards is to sell the complete contents of Pre-Clinical Research Facility in Mannheim. The Pharmaceuticals Equipment and Laboratory Equipment​ was formerly used by Affimed, a company focused on developing next-generation TIL therapies for the treatment of patients with cancer. The sale is in conjunction with HGP and will include Cell Cultivation & Processing, Analytical Testing and Laboratory Equipment. ​

Key assets include: Zeiss Axio Observer Colibri 7 Illumination module R/G/Y/CBV-UV – Reverse Fluorescent Microscope Plattform, 2021, 5x GE Healthcare Bio Sciences AKTA Pure 25L (29018224) – Chromatography System, latest 2019, GE Healthcare Bio Sciences AKTA Pure 25M (29018226) – Chromatography System, Sartorius IncuCyte SX5 Live Cell Assays – Cell Monitoring System, Meso Scale Discovery MSD QuickPlex SQ 120MM – Microplate reader, 2022, GE Healthcare Bio sciences AKTA – Flux Tangential Flow Filtration System, Protein Simple / Biotechne Maurice OBM – Capillary Gel Electrophoresis, 2020, Tecan Infinite M plex 200 Pro – Multimode Plate Reader, 2021 and much more. ​

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