EquipNet is selling late model laboratory equipment surplus to the needs of Ikena Oncology. Cancer research laboratory Ikena Oncology develops targeted therapies for personalised cancer treatment. The online auction will take place between the 15th and 22nd of May, featuring over 240 lots​.

Key assets include: Cytiva Biacore S200 SPR system; Invitrogen EVOS M7000 imaging system; Tecan Instrument Fluent 780 8 channel pipetting laboratory automation system; Miltenyi Biotec GentleMACS Octo Dissociator tissue processor with heaters; Agilent Technologies Bravo 16050-102 liquid handler with PC; Becton Dickinson BD LSR Fortessa cell analyzer; Agilent Technologies G2992A Tapestation 4150 DNA|RNA analyzer; Beckman Coulter Vi-Cell BLU cell viability analyzer; Thermo Scientific Heracell Vios 160i Double Stack CO2 incubator; Unchained Labs UNcle protein stability analyzer; Thermo Scientific KingFisher Flex benchtop automated purification extraction system; Thermo Scientific X4R Pro-MD laboratory centrifuge; BMG Labtech PHERAstar FSX microplate reader with stacker and much more. Pre-auction sales are invited.

The assets are located in Boston, Massachusetts, and may be viewed by appointment only.

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