In an online auction taking place between June 18th and 25th, EquipNet is to sell late model laboratory equipment from Twist Biosciences. The auction includes  mass spectrometers, HPLCs, incubator shakers, hoods, BSCs, centrifuges, TGA/DSCs, liquid handlers, microscopes, flow cytometers and a variety of other categories that are found in most labs from numerous well known manufacturers. 

Key assets in the auction include: BD FACSAria Fusion Special Order Fusion Flow Cytometer, Thermo Scientific Q Exactive Mass Spectrometer With UltiMate 3000 UHPLC, Agilent Technologies 1290 Infinity, Infinity II HPLC with DAD on InfinityLab Flex Bench, Keyence IM-7030T Image Dimension Measurement System, Eppendorf Research DASGIP Parallel Reactor System 8 Position On Wheeled Table, Eppendorf Research DASGIP 4 Position Bioreactor, Infors HT Multitron Pro Triple Stack Incubating Shakers with Cooling Attachment, Agilent Technologies 01867-201 PlateLoc Thermal Microplate Heat Sealer and much more. ​

With assets located in San Jose, California​, pre-auction sales are encouraged. 

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