agricultural machinery

New Mill Capital is auctioning 2021-2022 DNA RNA genomic laboratory equipment no longer required by PAL Health Technologies. Illinois-based PAL Health Technologies specialises in the manufacture of custom prescription orthoses, ankle foot orthoses and diabetic foot orthoses. The online auction opens on the 12th of March and bidding closes on the 19th of March. ​

Equipment available in the sale includes: (7) new in crate and 2022 Applied Biosystems QuantStudio 5 Real-Time PCR, 2021 Thermo centrifuges, 2020 KingFisher Flex purification system, Fisher IsoTemp incubator, 2022 Thermo Fisher -80 lab freezers and refrigerators, (9) 2022 Thermo and AirClean biosafety cabinets, VWR vistavision microscope, new flammable storage cabinets, pipettes, laboratory supplies and more.

The assets are located in Pekin, Illinois and may be inspected by appointment with the auctioneer only.

New Mill Capital is one of the largest asset disposition firms in North America, with expertise in industrial auction and liquidation. New Mill Capital provides services across a variety of manufacturing sectors including processing, plastics, packaging, manufacturing and food and beverage. The firm holds more than 20 million square feet of idle manufacturing plant across the US.