Huppmann Wort Kettle

In an online auction taking place on the 6th of December, ​EquipNet is auctioning assets from Brand Brewery. The assets come to the market due to the closure of the brewery, located in Wijlre, Netherlands. The auction will include a 500HL Brewhouse, Glass Bottle Filler with Crown Capper, Bottle Pasteurizer, Multiple 3000HL Stainless Steel Jacketed Fermentation Tanks, Multiple Stainless Steel Brite Beer Storage Tanks, Stainless Steel Kettles, Whirlpools, Stainless Steel Jacketed Vertical Tanks, Stainless Steel Jacketed Conditioning Vessels, and much more!​

Key assets in the auction include: Ellinghaus stainless steel yeast tank (jacketed, capacity 3517.8 HL – 2997 BBL); M plus F Bottrop Multimat A8/6-II filling machine for stainless steel keg; Huppmann Wort Kettle stainless steel vertical vessel (capacity 574 HL – 489 BBL; GEA Westfalia Separator AG SC35-36-177 stainless steel centrifugal separator; KHS Innofill glass bottle filler with crown capper; Stork SRP glass bottle case packer; Huppmann mash tun stainless steel vertical mixing vessel (capacity 334 HL – 284 BBL); Huppmann mash tun stainless steel with capacity of 179 HL – 152 BBL; lot of 8 Ellinghaus stainless steel bright beer storage tanks; KHS Innopal Lord PH glass bottle depalletizer; Ellinghaus stainless steel fermenting tank (jacketed, capacity 3517.8 HL – 2997 BBL); stainless steel hop blending dosing system and more. The assets are located in Wijlre, Netherlands and can be inspected by appointment with the auctioneer only.

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