production line

Industrial Auctions is to sell a fully automatic production line, packaging and palletizing line for fries and potatoes in Goudswaard (NL). The assets will be sold in an online auction, ending on the 26th of March. Equipment will include washing machines, crate filling machines, slicers, labelling equipment, thermoformers, transport belts, pumps and more from manufacturers including: Multivac, Sormac, Bauer and GRIMME.​

Key assets in the auction include: GRIMME mobile sorting machine, 2 Sammo elevating belts, Sammo loading station for pallet boxes, Bauer tiltable steel bin, Miedema infeed belt, Steenvoorden Machines BV destoner, Washing machine with elevating belt, RayTec Vision optical sorting machine, De Bruyne peeler, P. De Korne loading station for pallet boxes, Sormac peeler, FAM slicer, K&K; linear weigher, Multivac thermoformer and more.

Industrial Auctions is a company that specializes in offering online auction services tailored to meet the unique needs of the food and beverage industries. To make these auctions easily accessible across Europe, the company arranges numerous on-location auctions each year from their headquarters in Eindhoven, the Netherlands. Their expertise lies in the sale of machinery, complete organizations, and production lines.​

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