In an online auction closing on the 30th of November, Industrial Auctions is to sell food processing equipment comprising of production lines for fish processing and inventory on behalf of Euro-Baltic Fischverarbeitungs GmbH in Sassnitz (DE). Part of the Parlevliet and Van der Plas group (P&P), Euro-Baltic operates one of the largest and most automated processing plants in the European fish processing industry. The company’s main focus is on processing demersal fish, primarily herring, and it produces a broad range of customer specific products. Inventory in the sale will include packaging materials, weighing machines, filters, filling machines, sorting belts, transport belts, tanks & Silos and more.

Key assets in the auction include: Afak Techniek B.V. vacuum tank, S/s vacuum infeed system for fish, Afak Techniek B.V. infeed bunker with elevating belt and blower, Afak Techniek B.V. sorting belt, Cabinplant axial roller grader on s/s platform, Rosoma s/s buffer tank, Afak Techniek B.V. vacuum transport system for fish with Feroo valves, 3 s/s tanks and large amount of valves and pipings, Afak Techniek B.V. infeed bunker with elevating belt, Danish Technology Center s/s washing tub with agitator used for roe, Cyclone belt for fine cleaning roe, Rosoma transport system with (de)stacker and rotating device for pallet boxes and much more. 

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